I do not remember when I first stepped on the road. . . maybe when I was born or when I thought all roads are just for me or when running on the wrong track.

You do not really know what path to follow until you leave behind the physical, material plane and you surrender to your being. Everything is designed to control your body away from your path.

The road towards me is invisible, long, easy, difficult, revealed, ambiguous, complicated, easy to understand, difficult to follow and endless.

The road towards me is full of energy. When I am pursuing it nothing gets in the way and nothing is impossible. An endless source of energy just come into existence and fuel my actions. I live my life as the Sun of my Universe.

I love people. I love nature. I love myself and accept myself as I am now.

Many do not understand the road I took. They filter it through the knowledge they have acquired in a misguided life. All that is visible is fearless, uncompromising and easy to digest. . . nothing remains but the plate.

I never run. The dust brought up by the frenzy start is blocking my view from time to time. One grows patience as they begin to go on the right way.

For now, I walk alone on the road. There are many others like me and I believe I have not met them yet. But I’m used to walk alone on the street wondering what kind of shape roam around me.

Open your eyes. Love the trees, flowers and animals. Never stop enjoying the sun rises every time. Ask anything, anytime. Marvel. Doubt it. Give yourself the world!

„A moral goal … And this moral goal was perfectly consistent with his own principles.

… All about a fundamental truth: it was enough for one person to follow these guidelines for the universe to be better. It was not a matter of right. Justice involves recourse to law, and this can be a fickle mistress, always subject to the whims and prejudices of those who administered the laws. No, it was a matter of fairness, that is something much deeper. People undergoing judge must feel its fairness, objectivity. Teg considered formulations like „the rule of law must be respected” were dangerous to the principles that are guiding him. Equity demanded consensus, stability and, above all, loyalty from the first to the last step of the hierarchy. The leadership exercised after such guidelines did not need any outside control. You did your duty because the cause was right. And you did not obey just because it was supposed to be right. You did because it was right at that moment … „

I love to work and be dynamic. More for myself, but I don’t mind putting my skills in others’ service. I am passionate about all the things I do and I am trying to find areas that help my passion grow. Like flexible, creative and changing environments. I am able to adapt to almost all the types of work you can think of. However, I am sincere both with me and my employer and assess if I am fit for a specific job or position. As I don not like hypocrisy. Neither I hold any positive thoughts towards lying and laziness. Well, if you come with some shiny stuff I might be carried away; in a such creative ways as you have never thought it can exist. Some call this superficiality and lack of focus. It might be right, but this can mean that I could use a more attractive and new task. And that there are others in my team who can carry on what I have started. And sometimes it will not work either. As I am a perfectionist. I can find the crack within the crack if I am allowed. So, I should have taken a path as a quality control officer. Too boring and people aren’t always used to someone who is finding flaws all the time. I do this with myself as well and I am looking for balance as I understood one doesn’t have to be perfect to be human. One just simply has to be himself.


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